Web based training in the age of smart devices

Web-based training is any method or process that enables anyone to create, deliver and track training using an online system. As our web technologies have evolved and improved, many users are accessing the web using smart phones and mobile devices such as Apple’s iPhone, iPad and Google’s Android devices as well as tablet computers.

Web-based training should be adapted to be consumed on these smart phones and mobile devices. The fact of the matter is weather we like it out not, consumers are increasingly accessing resources and websites on non desktop or even laptop machines.

Here are some tips on how to make your content user friendly across different platforms and devices.

  1. Starting with the obvious. Make sure your content is not being hard to read on any platform. Apple does not allow Adobe Flash content, some Andriod devices might not necessarily support all content created on the Apple environment. However content that is reach in text and less on graphics presently using smart HTML code instead of media rich applications is probably a safe bet – even though it might appear boring.
  2. Make sure that your content does not rely too much on large file sizes. Remember many tablet computers and smart devices are running on wireless networks on mobile phone networks which are not always the fastest. Making your content too media heavy could slow down the content and make accessibility a problem.
  3. Test your content across different platforms before you actually roll it out. Don’t hope for the best. Prepare and test your content. This could be as simple as emailing your content to friends or colleagues who you know on different networks or systems and let them tell you how they are accessing the email or content.

Lastly if you have to use a web-based training system, make sure to check out a platform that is optimized for cross browser access. This means people can access it across multiple browsers or platforms like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer. Check out a tool like eLeaP web-based training software platform.

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