Should e-learning do more for the environment?

Interesting article by Don Amacheba at TrainingNewsBuzz.com. Read more.

Business and industry can do more to reclaim some of the excesses of the past. Learning and training software systems can help reduce our dependence on carbon-based training systems or old fashioned training programs.

Leverage advantages of online training and e-learning into savings of money, time and resources. Learning management systems can provide sound ROI for organizations and hey who does not want to “reduce their carbon foot print”?


State of Web-Based Training & e-Learning

Ever since the very largest companies discovered WebCT or Blackboard, web-based training now called e-learning has been all the rage. Is your organization dabbling in any elearning or web-based projects? What has your experience been with the technology? Do you outsource your elearning efforts or develop everything in-house? Maybe a hybrid of the two methods?

eLeaP is a powerful yet simple to use elearning management system and e-learning content management system. My issue is not to let the technology get in the way of content creation, user management, and rich elearning system features.