Could web-based training be the solution for compliance training?

Training your employees in compliance training or industrial training
has never been the most exciting thing companies have had to do.
According to BLS over 4.2 million nonfatal injuries occurred in 2005.
Can you imagine the law suits and payments companies have to make?

Can you really afford not to do something about this situation? We call this affirmative defense strategy.
It means if you ever find yourself involved in a law suit (and
supervisors, don’t think you can’t be sued. Often times employees can
sue you personally so you better insist on the training you
need to establish your affirmative defense) you want to be able to
prove that at the very least, you provided adequate training to your
employees and the actions that resulted in the law suit came because of
willful self negligence and certainly not endorsed by the company.

back to my point. You need all the training you can give and get to
help your employees improve the skills and talents and thereby improve
your organization’s competitive standing and of course it will not hurt
your case if you ever get in a legal situation.

issue with web-based training has been the complexity of the systems
that exist to enable do employee training. Such systems are called learning management systems or talent or performance management systems.
Don’t get caught up in the “gee whiz”, “bells and whistles” game.
Evaluate a learning management system based on your  needs and goals. A
learning management system should allow you to do your own training
easily, securely and cheaply. Get an LMS which is robust, scalable (to
grow with you) and easy to manage. Lastly look for an LMS is which SCORM compliant
or conformant. SCORM is an e-learning standard which enables
interoperability among LMS’s – courses and tracking information can be
standardized across many learning management systems.

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